Henley Royal Regatta Hospitality 2006

One of very English events of the summer season is the Henley Royal Regatta. 
The Fawley Meadow vessel moors in the middle of the rowing course,  so you can be right in the heart of the action.    This Hospitality package celebrate everything that is very British.

The hospitality package includes:

Private Parking
Free Transfer from Henley Station.
All Passes and free programmes
Coffee, Muffins and Danish Pastry on arrival.
A Pimms, champagne and bucks fizz reception.
Four Course Luncheon with fine winers
An Extensive River cruise during the racing.
Free Bar Throughout the day
Strawberries and Cream Tea.
A traditional Jazz Band will play.
Television Screens will show Wimbledon
and much more.

Sphereing Experience

Sphereing is the latest extreme sport craze. Basically people roll down a hill inside a inflatable ball. You and another person are strapped to each other inside the ball as you go down the hill at 30 miles a hour, It is totally safe and it is great fun. The packages are a great christmas gift idea, or could be used as a corporate activity for team building.

Experience sphereing now Book a sphereing for two Package for only £55 however use the following Buyagift Discount Code 843843 to save 25%

Bringing the package to only £42.70


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Subscribe to Setanta Sports

Subscribe to Setanta Sports have been growing quickly over the last few years,  with their coverage of Scottish Football and Irish Sports.

Although their recent win of 46 live and exclusive English Premier games has got more interest in them.

Join Setanta Today for only £9.99 a month.

The Setanta sports packages consists of 9 sports channels with Arsenal TV to follow shortly.

Setanta Sports Channels

Ø      Setanta Sports 1
Ø      Setanta Sports 2
Ø      Setanta Sports Ireland
Ø      Racing UK
Ø      Racing World
Ø      NASN
Ø      Celtic TV
Ø      Rangers TV
Ø      LFC TV
Ø      Arsenal TV ( Coming Dec 2007) Join Setanta Today for only £9.99 a month.

Setanta Sports has the following sports

  Ø      Barclays Premier League Football – Monday Night and Saturday early evening.
Ø      60 Clydesdale Bank Premier League games  including Old Firm Derbies between Celtic and Rangers.
Ø      Live SPL Monday night football
Ø      260 Live European League Football games from Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Portugal.
Ø      SETANTA GOLF- exclusive coverage of US PGA Tour Golf
Ø      Live coverage of Magners League Rugby and French Top 14 Rugby
Ø      Just launched LFC TV and coming soon Arsenal TV
Ø      Overall  Over 1000 live sporting events 

Upcoming Premiership Games on Setanta Sports

Portsmouth v West Ham United 17:15pm Oct 27th


Misspellings of Setanta

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Ricky Hatton v Juan Lazcano Tickets Boxing Tickets

Buy Ricky Hatton Tickets Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton returns to the UK and to the Ring after his defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr on 8th December 2007 in MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Ricky Hatton takes on Juan Lazcano on Sat 24 May 2008 at Manchester City Stadium the City of Manchester Stadium.

 The fight should be a sell out and Ricky Hatton v Juan Lazcano Tickets are selling really fast.    Mayweather has even promised to come over,  he was taken in by the Hatton fans and he wants to experience a hatton fight as fan too.

Ricky Hatton’s Homecoming vs Juan Lazcano at City Of Manchester Stadium should be a great event.


Ricky Hattons Homecoming Tickets

City of Manchester Stadium Seating Plan



Cheap Joseph tickets – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tickets

Lee Mead won the BBC Any Dream will DO show and is now playing Joseph everynight on the west end. 
This new version of the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber is hugely popular. The Musical tells the bible story of Joesph,  and is full of hit songs including close every door and Any Dream will Do.

Tickets are being sold from January 2008 Now

Buy Jospeh Tickets from Lastminute.com Now


Joseph Mispellings

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Saints v Chargers Tickets NFL London Tickets

The NFL returns to the UK when New Orleans Saints face San Diego Chargers in a NFL Regular Season game on Sunday 26 Oct 2008. Last year Miami Dolphins lost to New York Giants 13 – 10 in front of 81,176 NFL UK fans. The NFL London game has created huge interest, and tickets sold out within minutes of going on sale.

Demand for tickets has been huge over half a million people applied for Saints v Chargers game. The first batch of tickets went on sale in May with 45,000 tickets selling in 80 minutes, then in June a further 15,000 tickets going on sale and they lasted just 30 minutes.

The NFL have confirmed that a NFL UK Regular season game will be played at least once every season into 2010, Wembley Stadium has been chosen to host these games.

London American Football game is eagrly anticipated the NFL put on an amazing show, the world famous Cheerleaders will be their and all the razzmatazz you would expect from a NFL game. NFL London 2008 Saints v Chargers 2007 Dolphins v Giants
NFL International Series NFL London 2008 New Orleans Saints San Diego Chargers Players NFL Live on TV San Diego Chargers
Cheerleaders NFL London London American Football

Seatwave the UK’s leading Fan to Fan Ticket Exchange site have ticket available to buy from other NFL fans.

Buy New Orleans Saints vs San Diego Chargers Tickets

NFL London Tickets Buy NFL London tickets and sell NFL London tickets for all NFL London American football matches. GET ME IN! is the leading marketplace for NFL London tickets, Upper Tier Rear Behind Goal Upper Tier Alongside Pitch Lower Tier Behind Goal
Lower Tier Pitchside Club Wembley VIP

Liverpool Tickets

Liverpool have made available official football packages which include liverpool match tickets and hotel Accommodation  packages are available for the following 200 2008 season barclay premiership matches. Continue reading Liverpool Tickets

phantom of the opera tickets

Buy Cheap Phantom of the Opera Tickets Online.   It is now in its 18th year on the west end and is still as popular as ever.   The show is performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket, London , SW1Y 4QL

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical is based on life beneath the stage of the Paris Opera House. A mysterious masked man falls in love with Christine, a singer who inspires The Music of the Night.


 Phantom of the Opera Mispellings

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England v France Tickets Rugby World Cup

If you are Looking for World Cup Final Tickets check this post.  

After England Shocked Australia and France Shocked New Zealand,  there is a guaranteed North Hemisphere finalist in the Rugby World Cup,  but will England be the team to defend the World Cup ever,  or can the hosts go on and win the trophy.   This Crunch Semi Final takes place on 13th October 2007 at the  Stade De France in Paris.

Keith Prowse have put together the following official ticket packages are available the best deal is tickets + flights and transfers.

Seatem also have tickets only available as below 

England v France WRC Tickets only from £450

Manchester United Match Tickets

Match Tickets for Man Utd games are hard to come by, but Seatem Group have made available Official Match Tickets and Hotel Packages for All United Games. Continue reading Manchester United Match Tickets

VIP Sports and Concert Hotel Packages